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subroutine Grid_addCoarseToFluxRegister (coarse_level, isDensity, coefficient)

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subroutine Grid_addCoarseToFluxRegister ( integer  coarse_level,
logical  isDensity,
real, optional  coefficient 

Each flux register is associated with a fine and a coarse level. In normal use, client code could add flux data from both levels into the flux register for use with adjusting flux data on the coarse level.

This routine allows client code to request that the Grid unit add coarse data from the Grid unit's flux data structures to the contents of the associated flux registers. This routine is clearly intended for use with AMR. Note that the flux registers may choose to only store flux data that exists at fine/coarse boundaries.

All data stored in the Grid unit's flux data structures as flux densities will automatically be transformed to flux before applying to the flux register.

Additionally, a multiple scale factor may be applied to all flux data before passing the data to the flux register.

It is assumed that before calling this routine, the client code has already written flux data to Grid's data structures using the Grid_getFluxPtr interface.

coarse_level - the 1-based level index (1 is the coarsest level) indicating which level's data should be added to the flux register as coarse data. isDensity - a mask that identifies which physical flux quantities are actually stored in the Grid unit's flux data structures as flux densities. If no mask is given, it is assumed that data is stored as flux. coefficient - a scaling parameter to apply to all flux data before applying the data to the flux register.

SEE ALSO Grid_getFluxPtr/Grid_releaseFluxPtr Grid_zeroFluxRegister Grid_addCoarseToFluxRegister Grid_overwriteFluxes

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