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Particles_init.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Particles_init (restart)

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subroutine Particles_init ( logical  restart)

General initialization routine for the particle module.

restart: indicates if run is starting from scratch or restarting from checkpoint file


useParticles BOOLEAN [TRUE] Should particles be used in this simulation? pt_maxPerProc INTEGER [100] Maximum number of particles per processor. Allocates array space Particles are distributed per PROCESSOR rather than per BLOCK pt_dtFactor REAL [0.5] Factor to make sure that time step is small enough that particles pt_dtChangeTolerance REAL [0.4] For uncorrected Estimated Midpoint propagation scheme: Do Euler step if change in time step is greater than this percentage. Set to 0 to always do Euler, set to a huge number to always use estimated midpoint velocities pt_small REAL [1.0E-10] Used for general comparisons of real values For example, IF (abs(real1 - real2) .lt. pt_small) THEN don't move farther than one block in each step

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