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Grid_updateRefinement.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_updateRefinement (nstep, time, gridChanged)

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subroutine Grid_updateRefinement ( integer, intent(in)  nstep,
real, intent(in)  time,
logical  gridChanged 

This routine is applicable only to mesh packages that use adaptive grid.

Applies user-defined refinment critera to determine which blocks need to be refined and derefined. Once the blocks are marked, calls amr_refine_derefine to actually carry out the refinements. During this stage, the blocks are redistributed across processors (if needed).

After the refinement, the newly created child blocks are filled via prolongation from the coarse parents. This prolongation step can use prolongation routines from paramesh, or defined by the user

Once the prolongation is done, the guardcells are filled. Finally, the EOS is called on the block interiors to make them thermodynamically consistent.

nstep : current step number time : current evolution time gridChanged : returns TRUE if grid may actually have changed.

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