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Git/Testing Workflow

The current rules for collaborating via git are as follows

1. Base all feature branches off of the main branch. 2. When development on a feature branch is finished, merge main branch on to the feature branch and run full test-suite on the feature branch. 3. If at any point during the previous steps errors are discovered that need to be fixed, fix code in the feature branch, then go back to point 2 above. Repeat until no test errors. 4. If a merge conflict occurs when merging main into the feature branch do not attempt to resolve conflicts using the GitHub web interface - such an attempt can results in an unintended merge.
5. Do not rebase a feature branch that has already been pushed to the GitHub repository. 6. When you are ready, create a PR from feature branch to merge branch. If no conflict occur in the merge branch you are done. If conflicts occur, then depending on the extent and type of conflicts the resolution will be done on a case by case basis.

Containerization Workflows

incompFlow Sod Sedov

These workflows are located in .github/workflows and are not part of default testing framework. Please to refer .github/workflows/README.md and container/README.md for details on containerization with Flash-X


The code of the PARMESH library is currently integrated into the GridMain implementation as a subtree and not organized or built as a separate library.

Some applications and tests use external libraries that are expected to be already installed on the system where Flash-X is being built and run. The directory locations of such library installations should be made know to the Flash-X build system by a site-specific (or, as a fallback, OS-specific) Makefile.h file. See the subdirectories under sites/ .

This applies in particular to the AMReX library. Separate library instances for 1D, 2D, and 3D should be installed, and the appropriate locations mentioned in Makefile.h .

On the other hand, some applications and tests use INTERNAL libraries. Such libraries are built, as part of the Flash-X setup process, from source code that is located in subdirectories under lib/ . There are two cases for such libraries:

1. Library source code is included as part of the Flash-X git respository.

An example is the sqrt3 library, whose source code is included in lib/sqrt/ .

2. Library source code must be retrieved from a separate repository.

Examples are the THORNADO and WEAKLIB libraries. Follow the instructions on submodules to automatically put the source code for these two in the right places in subdirectories under lib/.

Git with Submodules

To prepare for building simulations that use libraries whose code must be retrieved from a separate git repository, the following modified git commands can be used:

  • git pull --recurse-submodules=yes (in place of the usual git pull)
  • git submodule update --init (additionally, after git pull)


You can obtain the source code for flashtest and a full set of tests from the Flash-X-test repository. The repository also has tools to help you setup your local testsuite.